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Op-Let Novel .::. Handbook & Study Guide

Op-Let | Kringe in 'n Bos (FAL)
Op-Let Kringe in 'n Bos - EAT Handleiding & Gids  
Title: Kringe in 'n Bos
Author(s): Monique Seigels & Zenobia Kloppers
ISBN/EAN: 9781920281427
Publication Date: September 2014
Series: Op-Let (Opvoedkundige Letterkunde)
Category: Novel Handbook & Study Guide
Format/Extent: A4 Softcover. Pages: tbc
Curriculum: South African IEB and National Curricula
Language: Afrikaans, First Additional Language (FAL)
Phase/Grades: Further Education & Training (FET), Gr. 11-12
Price (excl. delivery): Retail Price: R195.00 ZAR
  Buy Direct: R175.50 ZAR (min. order qty: 20)
  You Save: R19.50 ZAR (10%)
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Premium handbook, study guide and workbook – ALL-IN-ONE!

The Op-Let Kringe in 'n Bos – EAT Handleiding & Gids offers you a comprehensive analysis of the novel Kringe in 'n Bos by Dalene Matthee.

It will guide your study, interpretation, understanding, and appreciation of the novel from a critical novel analysis perspective.

This publication fulfils the requirements of the IEB and National Curricula, and meets the needs and expectations of high school learners and educators, and pique the interests of passionate readers and life-long learners.


Background information. Key concepts and terminology. Concise summaries of each chapter. Comprehensive novel analysis from a literary perspective. In-depth discussions. "Bright Ideas for Classroom Peers" Activities and worksheets. Mock test and exam questions for self-study.

Contents and Features
Anatomy of Prose (Novels)
  - Building Blocks
  - Key Literary Terms
Chapter Summaries
  - Words and Expressions (Definitions)
  - Summary of Chapter
  - Chapter in a Nutshell (Key Moments)
  - Short Content & Contextual Questions
Literary Analysis
  - Title and Cover
  - Plot Structure (Storyline)
  - Setting (Time and Place)
  - Atmosphere (Tone and Mood)
  - Narrative Voice and Style
  - Characters and Characterisation
  - Relationships and Attitudes
  - Internal and External Conflict
Background and Context
  - Author Biography
  - Plot Summary (Synopsis)
Critical Essays
  - Central Theme
  - Sub-themes
  - Motifs
  - Symbols
  - Topical Issues
Exam Preparation
  - General Questions
  - Essay Questions
  - Paragraph Questions
Bright Ideas: Creative Activities

Receive a FREE Answer Guide in PDF format on CD-Rom to the value of R75.00 with each purchase. Gain immediate access to suggested answers and guidelines.

The answer guide is available to buy in print book format and in PDF format on CD-Rom.

View on-screen only. No reproduction or redistribution privileges granted.

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