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Welcome to SeiKlo Publishers

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IEB FAL Prescribed Works 2016

We are developing and publishing two brand new Core Guides (Handbooks and Study Guides) and Companion Guides (Teacher's Guides and Answer Guides) for Hoopvol and Skreeu en ander verhale. You will receive our e-Answer Guides (PDF download, printing permission granted) FREE OF CHARGE with each Minimum Order Quantity order placed!

We will release information on our new publications for 2016, early bird promotions, order dates and release dates soonest.

Please take a moment to complete our online Book Choice Survey. Your valuable input will help us ascertain market demand for the IEB 2016 Afrikaans FAL Prescribed Works.

  Book Choice Survey
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Our publications and products are the must-have resources of the year. More Info . . .
Get two Wolwedans posters for the price of one - until 27 February 2015. More Info . . .
Our accompanying Answer Guides are FREE. Now you can DOWNLOAD, PRINT and DISTRIBUTE them too! More Info . . .
Due to increased demand, we are pleased to announce that we are now registered for VAT. More Info . . .
We have revised our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) policy to offer two MOQ options. More Info . . .
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Wolwedans in die Skemer Geïllustreerde Filmgids
Wolwedans in die Skemer
Geïllustreerde Filmgids
ISBN: 9781920281533
more info
Toulopers 10 Gedigte Vol. 1 Handleiding en Gids
Toulopers 10 Gedigte Vol. 1
Handleiding en Gids
ISBN: 9781920281731
more info
Toulopers en Onderwêreld 2in1 Handleiding en Gids
Toulopers en Onderwêreld
2-in-1 Handleiding en Gids
ISBN: 9781920421496
more info
Toulopers en Willem Poprok 2in1 Handleiding en Gids
Toulopers en Willem Poprok
2-in-1 Handleiding en Gids
ISBN: 9781920421526
more info
Wolwedans in die Skemer Die Filmdraaiboek
Wolwedans in die Skemer
Die Filmdraaiboek
ISBN: 9781920421373
more info
Sweef 5 Kortverhale Vol. 1 Handleiding en Gids
Sweef 5 Kortverhale Vol. 1
Handleiding en Gids
ISBN: 9781920281304
more info
Onderwêreld Handleiding en Gids
Handleiding en Gids
ISBN: 9781920281960
more info
Willem Poprok Handleiding en Gids
Willem Poprok
Handleiding en Gids
ISBN: 9781920281991
more info
Selfone, Skelms en Sjokolade Handleiding en Gids
Selfone, Skelms en Sjokolade
Handleiding en Gids
ISBN: 9781920421380
more info
Selfone, Skelms en Sjokolade Leesboek
Selfone, Skelms en Sjokolade
ISBN: 9780799370362
more info
SMSe, Skurke en Spinnekoppe Handleiding en Gids
SMSe, Skurke, Spinnekoppe
Handleiding en Gids
ISBN: 9781920421397
more info
SMSe, Skurke en Spinnekoppe Leesboek
SMSe, Skurke, Spinnekoppe
ISBN: 9780799366440
more info
...::. Make An Impact .::...

Use the power of posters to "captivate, stimulate, motivate and educate"!

Here Be Dragons Plakkaat
Here Be Dragons
Plakkaat (420mm x 594mm)
ISBN: 9781775990031
more info
Kinderspeletjies Plakkaat
Plakkaat (420mm x 594mm)
ISBN: 9781775990055
more info
Susan Boyle Plakkaat
Susan Boyle
Plakkaat (420mm x 594mm)
ISBN: 9781775990093
more info
Tiener-blues Plakkaat
Plakkaat (420mm x 594mm)
ISBN: 9781775990062
more info
Altyd vierde Plakkaat
Altyd vierde
Plakkaat (420mm x 594mm)
ISBN: 9781920281892
more info
Die broodwinner Plakkaat
Die broodwinner
Plakkaat (420mm x 594mm)
ISBN: 9781920281939
more info
Nog iemand vir pynappel op pizza? Plakkaat
Pynappel op pizza?
Plakkaat (420mm x 594mm)
ISBN: 9781920281847
more info
’n Pa vir Saterdag Plakkaat
’n Pa vir Saterdag
Plakkaat (420mm x 594mm)
ISBN: 9781920421366
more info
...::. PodCast Downloads .::...
Die Slang in die Tuin Potgooi
RSG Kortom:
Die Slang in die Tuin
Zenobia Kloppers lees Pieter W. Grobbelaar se kortverhaal Die slang in die tuin.
more info
Kinders van die Waterslang Potgooi
RSG Kortom:
Kinders van die Waterslang
Zenobia Kloppers lees Thomas Deacon se kortverhaal Kinders van die waterslang.
more info
Offer aan die Seegod Potgooi
RSG RadioTeater:
Offer aan die Seegod
Zenobia Kloppers vertolk die rol van Koekie Davids in Offer aan die Seegod.
more info
Swerfjare Poppie Nongena Potgooi
RSG RadioTeater:
Swerfjare Poppie Nongena
Zenobia Kloppers vertolk die rol van Poppie in Die swerfjare van Poppie Nongena.
more info
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Die Slang in die Tuin
Offer aan die Seegod
Kinders van die Waterslang
Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena
Verse oor Christus se Geboorte
"Ek geniet julle studiegidse
meer as enige ander!"
Mrs. Elsabe Bester
"Dit is altyd lekker om met
julle besigheid te doen!"
Mrs. Helda Becker
"I have recently been introduced to your materials and am most impressed!"
Mrs. Petra Smith
"Ek is so beïndruk met die formaat van julle gids. Dit
lyk so vrolik, en leerder-
en leservriendelik!"
Mrs. Adinda Vermaak
"It is a brilliant book, can't believe how much info is in there." – Mrs. Amanda Janisch
"Gedurende die individuele mondelinge het so baie van ons leerlinge genoem hoe wonderlik hulle die “Pers” boek vind!" – Mrs. Dalene Burns
"Ek gaan volgende jaar weer graadtwaalfs kry en, dankie tog, ons gaan julle boeke gebruik!" – Mrs. Lee Botha

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